Temporary Linux FAQ for Frozenbyte games

For most Linux gaming setups, this should be enough:

1. Download an installer
2. Give the installer permissions (right-click, Permissions - and check "Allow executing file as program")
3. Double-click the installer, it should show the game and have an Install button
4. Install the game and then run it

Trine requires an ATI or NVIDIA graphics card (better or equivalent to X800 or GeForce 6800).
The Shadowgrounds games can make do with less (e.g. Radeon 9800 etc) but they too require pixel shader 2.0 cards.

If the game doesn't run, here's the usual fix for NVIDIA cards (we'll update this as we go, please bear with us):
- Install new graphics drivers (the Software Center in Ubuntu is good to find the drivers)
- Reboot the computer
- After reboot, if you have an NVIDIA card and installed the X.org drivers,
 run "nvidia-xconfig" in the terminal (or "sudo nvidia-xconfig")
- Reboot again if needed

We'll be adding more info here asap - there's a lot of support going on and it takes a while to get to every issue. Sorry for the inconvenience (in hindsight we'd try to prepare better but that's no use now)!

Jack Claw keyboard & mouse controls!

1. Start the game
2. Open game console by pressing F8
3. Type /claw_control_type 0
4. Type loadBinds config/keybinds.txt (press enter)
5. Press "p" key to start the game with keyboard + mouse
6. Possibly useful to do: /claw_aim_mode 0  and  /gui_cursor_is_raytracing 1
7. Also it helps if you write /console_history_save 1 because the game will reset to Joypad at exit. With history save you can press the Up arrow key to load the previous commands.