General questions about the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle

Very important notes

The games may NOT run on Intel integrated graphics solutions (on Windows/Mac/Linux - there are some exceptions thanks to recent driver work and new hardware. Generally, the latest hardware (i3/i5/i7 CPUs and their integrated graphics chips) are ok, old hardware is most likely not.)
The 2011 MacBook Pro 13" models will run the games, as well as the new 2011 MacBook Air models (although you may need to lower the resolution or other graphics settings to get smooth gameplay).

Mac versions of the Shadowgrounds games require Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. They will NOT work on Leopard (10.5.8). Sorry!
Mac version of Trine works on Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard (and Snow Leopard/Lion of course).

Most non-integrated NVIDIA and ATI/AMD graphics cards should run the games fine on Windows.

Quick links to other categories: Windows, Mac, Linux, Jack Claw
Game system requirements
Here's a separate page for system requirements for the games.
Support emails & Frozenbyte Community
For questions about the bundle, you can use the live chat widget on or email Humble Bundle.

For general questions and technical questions, you can visit the Frozenbyte Community - it's the best place to get support.
Alternatively, technical support email for the games is - please check this FAQ first though!
Can I purchase the previous bundles (HIB1, HIB2, HIB3)?
Unfortunately no. Sorry! :(
How long until I get my email with the code for the bundle?
When you order the bundle, you should get instant access to your unique download page. You will also get an email with a link to the same page. Sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes for the email to arrive.

If the download email does not arrive shortly, please email Humble Bundle.
In addition, check your browser history - you just might find the page there to get access to the downloads again!

Age ratings for the games
Trine - 12 years (also younger ones can play with adult supervision, it's fantasy violence and lighthearted)
Shadowgrounds - 16 years
Shadowgrounds Survivor - 16 years
Jack Claw 16-18 years (not rated officially, but the most violent game of these)
Splot - 3-6 years (will take 2-3 months until the game is available)
Game languages (for all versions/platforms)
Trine voices: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
Trine texts: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Finnish, Turkish (and Windows-only extras: European Portuguese, Romanian)
Shadowgrounds: English-only (voice + text)
Shadowgrounds Survivor: English voice + text in English, Spanish, French, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish (these are mostly volunteer translations)
Differences between the platforms
The games are generally quite similar on all platforms, but there are some differences. The Windows versions are the most "tried and tested" and generally have the least amount of problems. The Linux versions have the most problems due to the complicated nature of the system, and the Mac sits there in-between.
Feature-wise the Mac/Linux versions are very identical to the Windows versions - there are minor technical changes, namely Mac/Linux not supporting multiple mice/keyboards and the gamepad support not being as good as Windows. The Mac versions of the Shadowgrounds games by default do not support any gamepads (there is a way around this but it's not perfect).
On the other hand, Shadowgrounds on Mac/Linux supports physics (PhysX), but the Windows version is static (due to us not wanting to take any chances of breaking the game at this point). The other games support physics on all platforms.


Windows game launch errors
Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor, Trine and Jack Claw require an ATI/AMD or NVIDIA graphics card. Unfortunately old integrated Intel chipsets will not be able to run the games (newer ones might but no promises). (Please email Humble Bundle for a refund for your purchase in this case.)

SGS, Trine and Jack Claw also require PhysX drivers - if you know your graphics card is good enough and the game is still crashing, try updating the PhysX drivers (remove/re-install).

If the game(s) don't launch, go to the game folder and run the executable files directly (i.e. skip the Launcher utility - the files are trine.exe, shadowgrounds.exe, survivor.exe). This may give a more elaborate error message and help figuring out what's wrong. The two most common problems are PhysXLoader.dll, a PhysX installation issue, and d3dx9_xx.dll, a DirectX installation issue.

Other things to try:
- running in Windowed mode (untick Fullscreen in the Launcher somewhere)
- turn down the graphics settings
- disable Sounds altogether
- disable Videos altogether
- enable V-sync

Crashing at 5-10% of the "flower" loading screen
In some rare cases Trine can crash during the flower loading screen - if you know you have PhysX properly installed and your graphics card is good enough, then there can be other drivers messing around.

Known user fixes:
- disabling ATI Catalyst AI (and rebooting)
- disabling MSI Afterburner
- updating to latest Java
Steam trouble
Steam sometimes acts up, so here's a few suggestions if you get a "too busy" or other kind of error messages:

1. Verify game cache
2. Delete Local Content & re-download the game
3. Restart Steam

Sound-related issues (especially for Emu soundcards)

DirectX settings may affect sounds. One thing to try is to run dxdiag.exe and go to the Sound tab, and set the "Hardware acceleration level" to "no acceleration".

This may help especially emu1212m and emu0404 and other similar cards, and also other systems that suffer from sound-related issues.

Refresh rate for Trine
Some monitors (and especially TVs) need a refresh rate other than 50. It's possible to override the default refresh rate in Trine manually. To do this, open config\options.txt and add:
refresh_rate_override = 50
to the "Display" section (and replace 50 with the wanted refresh rate). Save the file and make it read-only. This should force Trine to launch on that forced refresh rate.

There is also a very detailed post on our forums explaining how to do the same via a shortcut. (And also how to achieve the same for the Shadowgrounds games.)
Rendering issues
If your system meets the minimum requirements but you still experience weird graphics issues, you can try restarting the computer and trying the game again. Sometimes this helps reset the graphics card memory.
Multiple mice and keyboards help

Trine (and to a lesser extent Shadowgrounds Survivor) supports multiple mice and keyboards on the Windows platform (sorry - no support on Mac/Linux). This allows you to play co-op with up to three people, all using their own mouse and keyboard.

Here's a step by step guide for 2 players, should work on all Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7):

- plug in two mice and keyboards
- start the Launcher and go to Advanced, and check "Enable multiple mice and keyboards" checkbox
- launch the game and go to Options, Controllers and click on the 2nd player so that it reads "Mouse and keyboard 2" (keep Default Configurations for both)
- click Change (this is important, Back will go back without saving)
- go to Choose level and load a level other than the first one (co-op only works from the second level onwards)
- test if both of the players work ok

In the main game menu, only one mouse is supposed to work. Some people have experienced a problem whereby no mouse works in the game menu.

This is usually caused by other interfering mice or keyboards. To check this, go to Control Panel / Mouse and Control Panel / Keyboard (check the Hardware tab - there could be additional devices besides the ones you want).

If so, you can either disable the devices (not recommended), or modify the ID numbers in the game. When you start the game, press the F8 button to bring up the game console. It should write a bunch of ID stuff, and it probably finds various IDs.

The IDs can be changed in config/options.txt.
You can change "player1_mouse_ID = 0" to "player1_mouse_ID = 3" for example
The game should now recognize the correct mouse in the game menus and both mice should work in the game (and if only one works, repeat the ID process for the second one).

Still having trouble? Sometimes speficic keyboards, such as Logitech G15/G19 can cause issues. In theory you should be able to fix it by using the IDs properly, however in many cases it's easier to just get a regular keyboard if you have any spare ones lying around.

For more troubleshooting:
- Do both keyboards work in the game console (press F8 and try to write something with both keyboards)?
- Try switching Default/Custom configuration in the Options/Controller menu, and test if you can input any commands for the Custom configuration

The keybinds for each player are defined in the binds/keyboard/1/keybinds.txt file (for player1).

Gamepad setup

There are some issues with gamepads in the latest version of Trine. We have noticed that using an older version helps in most cases, so you may need to download a different executable file:

And if you want to change back to the latest 1.09 (not really useful if the exe above works well), then you can download: (just extract it in the Trine folder and use the original/default exe)

Also, it's useful to check out the gamepad help page at

Trine by default supports the Xbox 360 Controller, so you may also want to take a look at the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (more info below).

Windows Xbox 360 Controller emulator
There's a nice Xbox 360 Controller emulator which you can use to emulate the Xbox 360 Controller - this is useful for all of the games if you encounter any problems with your current gamepad.


Mac OS X version requirement
Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor require Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later. The SG games won't currently run on 10.5.8 (Leopard), but Trine does.
So if you bought the bundle for the Mac versions and can't play them, please email Humble Bundle and ask for a refund.

We had some plans to include 10.5.8 support in the SG games but there's been unexpected complications and support may not ultimately happen. Sorry!
Mac .dmg file install woes
Installing .dmg files is usually a simple process, and here's a handy help guide.
However it's possible that sometimes something just goes wrong. The games may suffer from e.g. the "The following disk images couldn't be opened", saying the disk image is "not recognised".
There's no foolproof fix for this issue. It's happened to other people/games too (examples: Machinarium forums, Mozilla).
If you have the possibility, you can try to download the files on e.g. a Windows PC, then copy them to a USB stick, and copy them from there to the Mac and try to run. Also if you have any download managers, they could be causing problems.
The game crashes upon startup!
This can happen if your Mac doesn't have a sufficient graphics card. However, if you know your graphics card meets the minimum requirements, then this can be a resolution issue. Change the resolution to something that is lower than your display's native resolution (try 1280x720 for example), and perhaps turn off the "Fullscreen" checkbox.
I don't have a mouse, can I play?
Both Shadowgrounds games operate fine without the mouse (you may want to disable the "Free Camera Mode" for Shadowgrounds Survivor in the Options menu).
Trine requires the "Secondary Click" feature enabled. This can be found under System Preferences > Trackpad > One Finger > Secondary Click. Enable that and you will be able to enjoy Trine without a mouse (although it may require a bit of dexterity, and may not be as comfortable).
Using gamepads in the Mac versions
The Mac versions of the Shadowgrounds games do not by default support any gamepads. However, with a little bit of file tweaking, some gamepads may work to a reasonable degree.

The SG games save their config files to ~/Library/Shadowgrounds and ~/Library/Survivor/ . Both have a "profiles/default/Config/keybinds.txt". To use a gamepad, it's preferable that you create a new profile (such as "Player 2"), and then quit the game and go edit the profiles/Player 2/Config/keybinds.txt file. Change "controller_type" from 101 to 105. This makes the game think it's a gamepad. Next, find out the axis configs. These are typically "axis_x" or "axis_rx" etc, for the Xbox 360 Controller they are:
joystick_move_x_axis = axis_x
joystick_move_y_axis = axis_y
joystick_dir_x_axis = axis_rx
joystick_dir_y_axis = axis_ry
You can also download the Xbox 360 Controller config file for Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor. Place this file to the profiles/your_profile/Config/ folder.
You must use Free Camera for this to work! In the regular mode (default in SG) the controls will be all wonky otherwise.

The biggest problem with this setup is a bit of "auto moving" that occurs sometimes and makes the controls a little unreliable at times.

Trine supports gamepads a little better, although it's not perfect either.
Mac Xbox 360 Controller drivers
The Xbox 360 Controller works on the Mac great with these 3rd party drivers. This is a good combination for Trine. :) (But doesn't work properly with SG & SGS).
Technical support for Mac
Mac: Shadowgrounds or SGS not launching on Mac OS X 10.6.7 due to libfreetype missing [SOLVED]
Mac graphics card switcher

Some Macs have two graphics cards - a not-so-powerful one for increased battery operation, and a powerful one for games. Sometimes the Mac doesn't know when to use the powerful one, and instead tries to use the regular for games, in which games some games may not run. This is true for some MacBook Pro models. You can check a Wikipedia article to see which kind of graphics MacBook Pros have.

To fix this, download gfxCardStatus, a free program which lets you choose which graphics card you want to use. It's very easy to use too.

It is also a good idea to plug in the power cord while playing games, sometimes not doing so can cause performance issues.

Playing the games in fullscreen and using Cmd+Tab?

Unfortunately Trine can't be played in Fullscreen while keeping the ability to Cmd+Tab. This is related to some of the underlying technology powering the game. The only choice is to play the game in windowed mode by unticking the Fullscreen checkbox in the launcher. Sorry!

The game uses 100% or 200% of my CPU(s)?

It is normal for Trine to use as much CPU as possible (to provide the highest possible framerate).

If this becomes a problem, you can limit the framerate (and thus use of CPU/GPU) by opening the game console with the Fn+F8 button and writing:

/show_fps 1
/render_max_fps 30


Linux problems
Here's a quick and not-very-complete Linux help page.
Linux game logs can be found at ~/.frozenbyte/trine/logs/log.txt (replace trine with shadowgrounds or survivor for those games).

If you get a "Render initiation failure. See the log for details" error, then upgrade your graphics drivers. For NVIDIA on Ubuntu, it's easy from the System > Admin > Additional Drivers and select the newest NVIDIA driver.
How to find out Linux drivers/graphics card: type "glxgears"/"glxinfo" in the console.
Technical support for Linux
You can get technical support by either visiting the Frozenbyte Community or by emailing us directly at . It's better to post on the Community if possible.

You can also browse the threads there, including these:
Linux: Signal 11 error (Intel graphics cards cannot run the game) [OPEN]
Linux: Can't Alt-tab / grab mouse/X input [SOLVED]
Linux: Mouse cursor problem Ubuntu / Xinerama [SOLVED - disable Xinerama]
Linux: Render initiation failure [SOLVED - upgrade graphics card drivers]
Linux (64-bit): wrong path (sounds not working) [SOLVED]
Linux: Unable to start level [SOLVED - corrupted save profile]
Linux: Xbox 360 Controller [SOLVED]
Linux: Trine 32-bit save game troubles [SOLVED]
Linux: Trine randomly stops responding [OPEN]
Linux: Sound problems on Ubuntu [OPEN]
Linux: Crash after shutdown 64-bit [OPEN]

Jack Claw

Why did Frozenbyte cancel Jack Claw?
Long story short: We were really ambitious with the game but didn't have funding, so we needed to find a publisher, but they were all so risk-averse that nobody wanted to give us enough money, and thus we had to cancel the project. It was a painful process, but we got through it and focused on Trine instead. We'll try to write a longer story shortly on this, it's quite interesting all around.

You may also want to read the Trine postmortem we wrote for Gamasutra, it touches on Jack Claw here and there.
Will Frozenbyte ever work on Jack Claw again?
No but we have released the source code for the community. Maybe the community can do something with it, and we'll try to help a bit.
How can I develop Jack Claw / join the community?
The best way is to go to the Jack Claw forums and join the conversation!
Can Jack Claw be redeemed on Steam?
Unfortunately Jack Claw can't be redeemed on Steam. It was/is a prototype project and not a real game as such. Sorry!
Jack Claw keyboard & mouse support
Jack Claw version 2 now features keyboard & mouse support! So go and download the game again, and then you can press the left mouse button or ESC to proceed into the game. You can still use the (recommended) Xbox 360 Controller by toggling it with the F1 button.
Will the Jack Claw prototype be made for Mac/Linux
Yes, Jack Claw is now available for Linux. However, for the Mac, we ran into some unexpected difficulties (i.e. random crashes) and as such unfortunately the game doesn't work on the Mac. We are unable to fix this as of now - the community may succeed however, so all hope is not lost.